Nanotechnology is currently being used in industry in many different ways.



Building materials are being made stronger
In building, nanotechnology is improving the functions and properties of construction materials making lighter and stronger. The use of carbon nanotubes in building materials help to create new materials that are able to last longer, are much easier to work with and are competent in resisting things like earthquakes which can cause great damage to infrastructure. A good example of this is how people have developed a way to make concrete better. As silica makes up part of the concrete mixture, you can mix nano sized particles of silica into the mix to make the concrete denser. This has made concrete better at blocking water so it is more durable.
Fuel is being made more efficient.


In transport the main uses for nanotechnology are to improve the construction of making materials lighter and stronger, and by making the fuel that is used more efficient. An application of this technology in cars is using nanoparticles in diesel fuel. The nanoparticles in the fuel make it burn more efficiently in the engine which results in getting more kilometres per gallon of fuel. Less effluent comes out of the exhaust and subsequently the engine of the car remains cleaner.

Nanotech in aviation is mainly used in the materials used for making the aircraft. By making new materials using nanotech it is possible to make lighter and stronger planes than what we have used in the past. A lot of fuel can be saved by doing this as well if you can make a composite out of nanoparticles that can be stronger than a metal alloy. Up to ten to fifteen percent of weight is saved.

Nanotech is being used in the same way for ships and helping out the shipping industry by providing hulls that are light and strong.


Below is a short video on nanotechnology in the future of cars.