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Nanotechnology is already all around us, being used in our daily life's without us even knowing. It is not a new concept rather a combination of existing technologies pooled with out new scientific abilities from observing to manipulating matter at the atomic scale. It is this new revolutionary methods of use which make it so compelling from a business, political and scientific judgement. However we must also consider and weigh up the risk of using Nanotechnology before we apply this science in all fields.

So, how can nanotechnology change the way we live? Nanotechnology is destined to change our lives from a health, leisure, electronic or any other perspective. The ability to manipulate atoms and molecules will change our future in ways we can barely comprehend, with the capacity to manufacture, replicate, and distribute almost any substance, like food, as easily as we do computer data. Thus rendering our traditional manufacturing process completely obsolete to the nanotechnological superior.

The Vuvox presentation below is a summary of  many uses for nanotechnology in our world:



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