What is Nanotechnology currently worth?

Nanotechnology is now an ever growing industry and is subsequently making money all over the world. In 2009 the global market for nanotechnology was worth $11.67 billion and it is now forecasted that by 2015 the market will be worth around $26 billion. Nanotechnology is growing at an annual rate of 11.1% from sale revenues. In a 2009 report "Nanotechnology: A Realistic Market Assessment" by an analyst firm BCC Research, it was found that 'the largest nanotechnology segments in 2009 were nanomaterials, with sales reaching $9 billion in 2009. This is expected to grow to more than $19 billion in 2015. Sales of nanotools, meanwhile, will experience high growth. From a total market revenue of $2.6 billion in 2009, the nanotools segment will increase at a 3.3% CAGR to reach a value of $6,812.5 million in 2015.'
Source: http://www.pcb007.com/pages/zone.cgi?a=70401&artpg=1&topic=0