What type of tools are involved with using nanotechnology?

An Atomic Force Microscopy
Therer are two chief devices that are being used in nanotechnology in order to see and manipulate the nanoparticles.

The first is the 'Atomic Force Microscopy' (or AFM as featured in diagram) is a a very high-resolution type of 'scanning probe microscopy' meaning that it can take images of atoms on the nanometer. One of the strongest advantages of using a AFM is the fact that it can take images on virtually any type of surface from ceramics and composites to biological samples.

The second is the 'Scanning Tunneling Microscopy' (or STM) which is a power type of electrons microscopy that shows three-dimensional images of a sample at the atomic level. A down-side to the use of the STM is it can only be used at temperatures from 0 degrees to 100 and only in a 'ultra high vacuum'.